Collaborative Data Visualisation

Sharing data is fundamental to the visualisation process. This may mean having data accessible on a web site or being able to download the data in a particular format for analysis in another application.

The shared analysis of this data is usually more time consuming, however. Typically all the interested parties will inspect the data and communicate their findings and questions shortly afterwards. This process may take longer if the data has to be downloaded and used in another application.

One potential shortcut may be to share the screen via a video call but the issue here is that there is only one person able to manipulate the data and show all the others at any one time.

DRT is working on a collaborative web visualisation system whereby each participant is capable of manipulating the data at any time. Each person has their cursor representation and may interact accordingly. This now enables anyone to show the data to the others as they see fit, highlighting a particular trend or showing a specific attribute of the dataset.

It may also allow for a one-too-many style of presentation. Imagine giving a group presentation whereby all the manipulation of the data that you perform is reproduced on all the other connected devices.

Please let us know if this system may be of interest to you.