Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is used to enhance (or augment) a real-world environment by placing computer-generated content within it. This may allow an architect to visualise changes to a building, a designer to choose between multiple interior designs of a home, or providing detailed information about an exhibit at a museum. For a detailed description of the technology please see the FAQ.

The resulting experience may also depend on the technology available. Traditionally AR systems used markers to generate content; a participant pointing their phone/tablet at a designated marker would trigger the relevant media. Some systems use image processing techniques to place objects on flat surfaces for example. Once again for a full description of the technology please see the FAQ.

Whatever your requirements we can help you decide on the most appropriate technology and design and build your whole experience for you, or give you a helping hand with the experience that you already have.

Case Study - Augmented Reality in the Classroom "3D Pitoti"

Example of augmented reality

"Pitoti" are rock art in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. They are on the UNESCO list of world heritage and span a period between 4000 BC and medieval times. One of the briefs of the project was to make these historical images accessible to school children. We did this by turning images of the drawings into an interactive augmented storytelling application.

A selection of the cave art was situated around the classroom, accompanied by a unique marker. Children could use a tablet to scan many images that they thought interesting and these would be placed in a collection within the app. Each image had an associated video animation and these could then be placed on a timeline within the application to create a story and bring the artwork to life.

As there were numerous images and therefore combinations, the children could create many stories and save these to form a video collection throughout the school. We worked with artists to create the animations from the artwork and bring a sense of the history of these artefacts to the school without having to visit the site.

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